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To contact us:     Mob: 0412 565 788

Email: djantony1@gmail.com

  We all know the best way to keep fit & healthy is to exercise! Therefore dancing  is not only Fun… But also good for you!

All Swing'n'Rock Venues
have a fantastic 
Friendly Atmosphere...
DJ ANTONYDance Workshops & Entertainment


* Private Lessons or Group Sessions available in One Hour Blocks

·                 Available in the Privacy of your own Home or Selected Venues

·                 Excellent way to pick up the Basics or more Advanced Dance Moves in Privacy

·                 Progressive Circle Cha Cha’s, Rock’n’Roll & Swing available to enable Team or Group Involvement

·                 Excellent Party Starter or Ice Breaker for Grease, Rock’n’Roll or Swing Theme Nights

·                 Excellent Motivational Session(s) or Employee Group Bonding  for  Corporations or Companies

·                 Great hourly Rates especially for Group Sessions

·                 Music & Sound is Supplied. However an extra charge may apply for larger group sessions due to PA Requirements

·                 Over 15 Years Experience in the Teaching & Entertainment Business

·                 Anywhere ! However an extra charge may apply outside the Melbourne Metro Area

·                 So what are you waiting for ! Contact us and lets get started!

Private Lessons or Group SessionsMotivational Sessions For CompaniesIn Your OwnPrivacy!Private lessons


Excellent PartyStarter ForTheme Nites